Bad Credit Loans

bad-credit-loansUnfortunately, bad credit history is a reality for many – but you can forget about it here, because unlike some other lenders, we like giving people second chances. You will not be judged or penalised because of your less-than-perfect credit rating – although we will not be able to approve your application if you are currently Bankrupt, under a SIO or NAP, sorry!

Have marks on your credit history?

Please rest assured that even if you have had bad credit, we will endeavour to offer you our help. We look at your current ability to repay the loan, not only at your financial issues in the past. We believe in giving people second chances and pride ourselves on our ability to give a hand when no one else can or wants to help you – so apply now.

Bad credit loans

So whenever there is a cash emergency and you require some extra cash to keep you going until your next pay day, let us help even if you have had judgements, defaults or collections in the past. We could confidentially help you out with the money you require. We understand that money matters are private matters and don’t want to make the situation any harder for you – other people knowing about your tight financial situation may be extremely stressful so we promise to keep the approval process as confidential as we can.

Second Chance

If you have approached other lenders and they have said “no”, don’t think that we won’t be able to help. We strive to approve as many applications as we responsibly can, so feel confident in applying with us.

Get the relief you deserve – apply now!