Cash Relief

cash-relief-nowDon’t let the stress of an unexpected bill get to you – take control of your financial life by getting a cash loan to tie you over until your next pay day. If all you require is a little extra cash to bridge the gap between your pay days, we can offer cash in a flash to help you cope with your short-term trouble. Our personal online cash loans may be able to help pay unexpected bills – such as urgent dental bills or medical emergencies.

Same day payment

The advantage of our bad credit loans is that the application process is so easy and if approved, we can get the money to you in as soon as on the same day. Fill out our online application form to get the ball rolling.

Responsible lending

Being a responsible lender, we will only lend a percentage of your regular income as one way of ensuring the affordability of our cash relief loans. However, before taking out a loan with us, please make sure to fill out a budget to confirm it will be affordable for you to repay. We also do not penalise for repaying early – as the interest is calculated on a daily basis, we strongly encourage all our clients to repay early if they can – just contact us to arrange it!

Flexible cash loans

When taking out a loan, you can tailor the number of repayments you want to suit your needs and repayment abilities (limits apply). Be in control of the process and choose the schedule that suits your needs, not someone else’s.

So if you have found yourself in a tight short-term financial situation and can’t borrow a few extra hundred dollars from family and friends, consider getting help from Bad Credit Loanapply now to get the process underway.