Personal Cash Loans

personal-cash-loansFast, simple and customised – these are just some of the reasons why you could choose Bad Credit Loan for your short-term cash needs. If you ever have run short of cash and needed a personal cash loan to get you through to your next payday or had an unexpected bill you didn’t have the money for – we could help!

Flexible and tailored service

Calculated as a percentage of your regular average pay and/or free cash, our loans are simple and affordable to repay. You can also choose the number of repayments to suit your needs depending on your pay cycle – up to 6 weekly repayments, 3 fortnightly repayments or 1 monthly repayment.


Fast and easy personal loans

The application process is simple and can all be completed from the convenience of your computer desk – just fill out the application form and you will get the documents presented to your email almost instantly. From there, follow the instructions, and forward your supporting documentation and we will have an answer to you as soon as possible.

If your application is approved, we can pay the money to you overnight or in as soon as 30 minutes* after the final approval (conditions and a small fee apply – please refer to the loan application form for timing of funds to you and any fees involved).

A personal cash loan from Bad Credit Loan is an ultimate time saver – now, stop worrying about the temporary money shortage and apply now to get the much-needed extra funds.